Caravan Panels Partners Up With Photonic Universe and Photonic Universe Forge a Bright Future Together with Solar Solutions for the Road

We at, a premier supplier of caravan and motorhome parts within the UK, are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Photonic Universe, an established London-based provider of advanced solar, wind, and battery charging technologies. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to integrating sustainable energy solutions into the caravan and motorhome industry, making us a partnered and trusted supplier of solar panels and kits tailored for the mobile lifestyle.

Advancing Sustainable Energy in Caravanning

In response to the growing interest in eco-friendly travel options, our alliance with Photonic Universe positions us at the forefront of delivering sustainable energy solutions that align with our customers' values without compromising on performance or convenience. By incorporating Photonic Universe's innovative solar technology into our extensive range of caravan and motorhome products, we aim to offer a comprehensive, environmentally friendly energy solution for the nomadic community.

Specialising in Solar Energy for Caravans and Motorhomes 

Photonic Universe is recognised for its deep expertise in renewable energy solutions, offering a diverse portfolio of solar and wind power products suitable not only for residential use but also for mobile applications in caravans, motorhomes, and boats. Their commitment to providing power for remote and off-grid locations aligns with our mission to support our customers' adventurous lifestyles with reliable and clean energy solutions.

Through this partnership, is set to become a trusted supplier of Photonic Universe's solar panels and kits, specifically designed for caravans and motorhomes. These products are customised to meet the distinctive needs of travellers, ensuring that our customers can generate and store their own electricity seamlessly, wherever their journeys may take them. This initiative not only enhances the autonomy and convenience of travel but also significantly contributes to reducing the ecological footprint of exploring the great outdoors.

A Shared Vision for a Greener Future

Our collaboration with Photonic Universe is founded on a mutual commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental stewardship. It transcends a conventional business partnership, embodying our shared dedication to promoting sustainable travel practices within the caravan and motorhome community. By making renewable energy more accessible, we are taking crucial steps towards minimizing our environmental impact and fostering a culture of responsible travel.

Empowering Our Customers with Renewable Energy Solutions

This partnership ensures that our customers have direct access to high-quality, reliable solar energy solutions. Whether you are a trade customer looking to provide the latest in solar technology or an individual planning your next off-grid adventure,, in collaboration with Photonic Universe, offers the expertise, support, and competitive pricing needed to transform your travel experiences.

Forward Together

As and Photonic Universe join forces, we are optimistic about the future of eco-friendly travel. With our combined commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, we are well-equipped to lead the caravan and motorhome industry towards a more sustainable future.

Stay tuned for updates as we introduce our range of Caravan & Motorhome solar panels and kits, designed to make sustainable travel a practical and accessible option for all. This partnership is a pivotal step in's journey to becoming a leading supplier of solar solutions for the caravan and motorhome community.

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