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Photonic Universe

500Ah 2V deep cycle AGM battery

500Ah 2V deep cycle AGM battery

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500Ah 2V deep cycle AGM battery for various applications

SPECIAL NOTICE : If you are purchasing this part for a self build project, please see our terms & conditions. FULFILLED BY PHOTONIC UNIVERSE : This product is fulfilled by Photonic Universe, our Solar partner.



This 500Ah 2V battery can be used to create a bespoke storage system made up of multiple 2V batteries to form a 12V/24V/48V. It can also be used as a replacement battery for systems that already consist of 500Ah 2V AGM batteries.

Benefits of AGM batteries:

In AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries, all electrolyte is absorbed into a special sponge made of glass fibre. Important benefits of AGM batteries include:

- Maintenance free: No need for liquid or electrolyte top-up.

- Extremely safe: non-spillable and completely sealed, with protective covering of the terminals.

- Long service life: longer-lasting than standard wet-cell batteries due to less degradation and corrosion inside the battery.

- Low self-discharge rate: AGM batteries are less prone to sulphation and hold charge for longer than flooded batteries.

- Highly resilient: good resistance to shock and vibration, and their position doesn’t have to be upright all the time.

- Better recovery from deep discharge: AGM batteries can withstand deep discharges better than flooded batteries.


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Details & Specification



  • Nominal voltage: 2V
  • Nominal capacity: 500Ah (10h rate) / 508Ah (20h rate)
  • Maximum charging current: 100A
  • Cycle lifetime at 30% D.O.D.: 1200
  • Pressure control: safety valve installed
  • Terminal type: M10 bolts
  • Operating temperature: from -10C to +40C
  • Size: 242 x 174 x 365 mm
  • Weight: 27 kg


This product is covered by a 1 year warranty. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.




This product is supplied with a user manual which explains connection, operation and installation (see Documents tab).



The following documents are available to download:

User Manual for Photonic Universe 2V 500AH AGM Battery (AGM500AH-2V)

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